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     -Company Profile-

Established in 1946

Glenn V. Trexler Jr. founded Trexler Trucking Inc. by purchasing a flat bed two axle truck hauling lumber from local sawmills to Salisbury Lumber Co. The loading and unloading procedures consisted of handling this material by hand. He then purchased a two axle dump truck hauling gravel for Young Stone Co. In 1957, he bought his first dead axle tandem dump truck for the purpose of hauling more weight. In 1966, he purchased a used tractor trailer dump. By 1968, we began hauling various bulk materials for the construction industry specializing in on-time delivery of non-hazardous materials. Trexler Trucking Co. is a third generation company founded on the principles of hard work and dependability, and is truly your one call for timely, reliable, and cost effective services in the dump trucking industry.